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  • Conduct MCQ, Subjective, Objective Paper's Online.
  • Quick Report Generating Feature Available
  • Exam Platform For Coaching, School, Colleges, Corporates.
  • Create Or Build Offline & Online Tests.
  • Support All Type's Of Question Language.
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Easy Of Understanding

Exam software is easy to use, easy exam builder, highly secure, easy conducting papers, easy hiring, and more. Platform work like a charm without a bug. Easy To Use For Corporates also.

Anyone Can Conduct Test

Faculty, Institutions, Coaching, Corporate & beginner easily conduct online exam with our examination software from anywhere. You can add bulk student record with excel.

Live Exam Testing Panel

Fully AI supportable, Proctoring enabled systems, Recognize face before conducting paper. Generate quick report with the answer key at any time for long and short problems.