CCEMAX features allow easy administration of institutes.

Administrators can add, assess, promote Students; set up subjects; set up attendance & performance trackers for error-free & easy administration of their institutions.



CCEMAX allows to manage teachers efficiently.

CCEMAX features help assignment of Teachers, manage schedules, leaves, manage classes, terms, and manage payrolls efficiently, without any mismanagement of resources & data.

All data are safely stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere, using any device.

CCEMAX removes all stress from the admissions system every year.

Administrators have all data at the tip of their fingers concerning applications, assessments, interviews, schedules, sessions, curiculum. CCEMAX efficiently organizes all data in order to enable administrators to make efficient decisions without getting lost in the process of organizing volumes of data.



CCEMAX has a robust & reliable accounting package included in the system that handles all Payroll activities efficiently & without errors.

Administrators can use CCEMAX features to schedule & track payments, bookkeep & publish reports periodically for budgeting & audits.