CBSE Unveils New Exam Format for Classes VI to IX.

NEWS : CBSE Students from Class VI onwards to follow 2-semester system for boards preparation. Read more

CBSE New Format Report Card

CBSE Uniform System of Assessment

In an academic year, school needs to follow Term-I exam for 1st half of the session and Term-II exam for 2nd half of the session.
Each Term will be evaluated from 100 Marks in total.
Written Examination: 80 Marks
Internal Assessment: 20 Marks
Student has to secure at least 33% in each of the 5 Mandatory Subjects.
Co-Scholastic Activities will be graded on a 3-point scale (A-C) for Class VI-X and 5-point scale (A-E) but there will be no Descriptive Indicators.

Internal Assessment of 20 Marks Will be evaluated as per following guidelines by CBSE.
Periodic Written Tests: 10 Marks
Notebook Submission: 5 Marks
Subject enrichment activity: 5 Marks